Digital School is a web and desktop based management information system dedicated for educational institutes to simplify the complexities in administration process and leverage the efficiency in educational related activities.

Digital School is a customizable software available with many integrated modules which automat the student life cycle, academic system, finacial and staff management systems. It is quite suitable for a variety of educational institutions including:-

As different institution (and also different locations) shall have their own academic structure, the system was designed to be as generic and to be very configurable by users, so that it can suit to any institution environment.

Admission Management

  • Pre-admission scrutiny
  • Application short listing
  • Electronic alerts
  • Admission subject to approval
  • Webcam Integration for ID card generation


Student Management

  • Detailed student profile
  • Customized scholar search
  • Student's overall performance, extra-curricular activities
  • Maintaining discipline records


Attendance Tracker

  • Attendance recording device or manual
  • Daily once, twice or period wise attendance
  • Subject wise attendance analysis
  • Timetable integration
  • Holiday scheduling


Fee Management

  • Define various types of Fees
  • Fee Collected is segregated automatically into different account heads
  • Flexibility of fee assignment, pupil-wise & facilities-wise
  • Refundable fee management


Exams and Evaluation Management

  • Exam scheduling & evaluation
  • Internal and External examinations
  • Online posting of exam schedule
  • Grading/promotion
  • Performance monitoring of ward online


Library Management

  • Ordering, receiving, and invoicing books
  • Classifying and indexing books
  • Barcode/ Smart card integration and printing
  • Member administration
  • Issue collection
  • Circulation management alert+ system


Hostel Management System

  • Assigning of hostel, room, bed to students
  • Integration with RFID/Biometric/Smart card
  • Tracking of student movement, attendance, details
  • E-alerts to parents/guardians regarding attendance, fees due etc.


Bus Management System

  • Route management and optimization
  • Fare setting student/class/vehicle wise
  • Dual conveyance allocation -- class-wise and student-wise
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel charges
  • Vehicle service details.


Cafeteria Management System

  • Connects to existing Student/Staff Database
  • Defines and maintains food menus- standard and custom with rates
  • Sales details per day/per item
  • Bill payment integrated to prepaid smart card
  • Process payments quickly and efficiently


Payroll Management System

  • Salary setting
  • Basic pay, increment, deduction setting
  • Salary calculation, pay slip and salary certificate
  • Staff leave calculation and deduction
  • Tax calculation i.e. TDS Gratuity
  • Allowance and deduction (CCA, PF, HRA etc.)


Accounts Management System

  • Account head creation
  • Vouchers
  • Daybook
  • Cash book
  • Bank book
  • Ledger


Inventory Monitoring and Management System

  • Item administration
  • Vendor supervision
  • Purchase and sales management
  • Acquisition and sales return
  • Purchase and sales register


Lesson Planning and Scheduling

  • It saves your time by removing repetition from your lesson planning process.
  • Create customized reports to track individual performance


Event Management System

  • View event and its details
  • Creating group and allocating students to it.
  • Enter Participation details
  • Event and item entry
  • Result entry and scoring details.


Discipline Management System

  • Disciplinary action records
  • Punctuality report
  • Behavior certificates
  • List of problems reported
  • Teacher feedback


Front Office Management System

  • Communication among different department/users
  • Leaving messages
  • Reminders
  • Gate pass visitors/suppliers
  • Address book , telephone directory
  • Call register, report and response recorder


Alumni Management System

  • Web enabled system
  • Member registration
  • Verification by web admin
  • Search members / group / forum
  • Friends list creation
  • Conducting polls
  • Managing events
  • Alumni meeting report creation


ID Card Preparation

  • Capture student and faculty photos using a camera or camcorder
  • Easily create student and staff ID cards.
  • Design and print fully customizable student photo ID cards
  • Use our pre-designed templates or design your own
  • Barcode and QR Code implementation


Staff Management System & Manage Users

  • Detailed Teaching and non-teaching staff profile.
  • Staff professional summary including teaching proficiency
  • Role based access to the software system
  • Consolidate view of staff reports
  • Staff Promotion and Resignation
  • Integrated to financial and communication system
  • View profile of all users based on the roles


Document and Check List Management System

  • All types of documents can be stored and easily accessed, shared and collaborated upon
  • Supports the storage of other file types, including popular formats such as .doc(x) (word), .xls(x) (excel), .ppt(x) (powerpoint) and pdf
  • Documents are easily uploaded and retrieved based on their category, file type, title. Check List can be integrated in preadmission and admission process


Task management

  • Easily make schedule changes and find the best replacements in a matter of minutes
  • Organize the tasks in a systematic way and helps in leverage the efficiency of the school
  • Define things to do of teacher as tasks and track them
  • HOD monitoring things and subject wise verifications
  • Monitoring and tracing the number of activity conducted by the teachers for students


Communication System

  • Parent login
  • View events and academic calendar
  • Scrutinize attendance/ absent notification in message box
  • Exam result view/progress report
  • Graphical representation of mark analysis and comparisons
  • Facility to upload lesson plans/class notes/home work/daily
  • Fee due, fee status and online payment


Portal Management

  • Share electronic report cards, progress reports and daily attendance
  • Teachers can post current and future assignments
  • Support custom defined photo gallery based on school specific requirements
  • View upcoming events online
  • Integration with exam & fee systems
  • Easy provision to update the school web content



  • Commited to provide exact tailor-made software solutions.
  • Easy to Customize,Cost-effective and Efficient software solutions.
  • Higly flexible and dynamic to inherit any flow of administration.
  • Integrated to all Standard External Devices like FingerPrint Readers,OMR etc
  • Customizable Reporting system with graphical representation.


Only Digital School?


Central information management system with complete automation for all departments.
We work for you with passion on cutting edge technologies. Commited to deliver the software system to be a success guide for customer and ensure safe,secure and hessels free system.

Custom Application

Digital School - Campus for offline Application
Digital School - Cloud for online Appliation
Native Mobile Apps for Android/IPhone/Windows
Cross Platform & Customizable streams for School, College & Universities
Dedicated applications to deploy at customer end.


SMS & Voice Gateway
RF & Finger-Print Readers
IVRS,CC Cameras & Security systems
Legacy application migration strategy.
Hosting, Installation and Maintenance, Customization and development of applications.

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    We always committed to provide best-in-class customer care for Our Customers through world class technology,processes and response mechanisms.

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    The technicians are available to satisfy all your support needs. Apart from remote login, we provide support over other communication tools.

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    Customer goals have always been our prime concern. Even after the successful implementation of our product we provide 6 months technical support at no cost

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