About Us

About Us

VisualBench Technologies is an Indian based corporation focused on providing software consulting and development services for IT applications. Visual Bench Technologies delivers quality products and services based on the principles of sound software engineering practices and quality systems, leveraging its global delivery and support model. VisualBench Technologies is founded by team of highly committed and energetic individuals with a vision to offer to significant value to customers, employees and stakeholders.

At VisualBench Technologies we are committed to make IT outsourcing and off-shoring accessible and work for any business size. Each of us at VisualBench Technologies is in a pursuit for making every customer's engagement a memorable and rewarding experience.

Out Aim

We aim to win your "TRUST".

Dedicated to provide efficient services to our valuable clients in field of IT , we strive for your satisfaction and support.

We aim to provide high quality, requirement-oriented, cost-cutting and value-added software solutions, and related services.

Committed to create an ever-rewarding Internet existence for ambitious companies, which aim to keep pace with today's swift-moving e-times, we aim to facilitate growth of your organization in most fruitful manner.

How We Work

Each project is handled using our tried and tested RAPID methodology. At the start of the project, we ensure that a complete specification document is exchanged hands and all questions are answered.

To get your online project moving, we follow a simple step-by-step approach:

R Requirement

A Analysis

P Project scheduling and resource deployment

I interaction

D development and deployment of the solution

RAPID is a five stage process which enables a seamless integration between the client and us. We work on understanding the business model, mapping it to understand your needs and delivering our understanding of your business needs.

Requirement : when submitting your Request for Quote for web/software development, a detailed analysis for your web/software solution needs would always help. We require a precise and to the point summary for understanding your needs better. This is even more important as we are based in India, and typically in any outsourcing contract, it is essential that requirements are spelled out clearly.

Analysis : after this process is completed and we know what you need, we work out with our project management team and send you a complete analysis of what we think, would add value to your web project. We suggest changes and additions and deletion in order to come to a conclusion which would enhance value to the whole development. A quote is given at this point and acceptance taken from you.

Project scheduling and resource deployment

We work on scheduling the work and assign dedicated team on your projects. daily schedules are developed and communicated back to you in order to ensure you stay in control. Each deadline is sacrosanct and met with diligence.


When outsourcing, the key to better delivery is communication. We believe that unless updates are posted each day and reviewed, you would not be able to understand the progress and give feedback. We ensure that a daily reporting system is setup between our team and you.

Development and deployment of your web/software development projects RAPID development ensures that projects are finished on time and with quality and flair. Once green signal is received, we work tirelessly to ensure that the software application is deployed on your end.