Bus Management

Bus Management System module is a comprehensive solution to all transportation issues. The system integrates vehicle availability, route setting and student conveyance and calculates trip details like distance run, expense incurred, fare settings etc. It monitors vehicle insurance, accident record and vehicle service record so that the vehicles and drivers are always ready and competent. It maintains pickup points, dues, defaulters, vehicle allocation, insurance statuses, daily/cumulative reports etc.

  • Route management and optimization
  • Fare setting student/class/vehicle wise
  • Stage/Stop settings and Route stop details
  • Dual conveyance allocation -- class-wise and student-wise
  • Driver and helper allocation
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel charges
  • Staff/ Student detail and their boarding points
  • Vehicle service details.
  • Insurance claim details, Accident particulars
  • Tax payment information, Student/Staff allocation to routes/stages/vehicles.