Task Management

Task management is a Task Planner that creates, organize and track your institute tasks/ issues. It prioritize and take action on what's important, and stay up to date with what's going on around you.

Create a task and assign it to employee(s) with the details like task description, completion date and to whom the task has to be reported. The assignee is automatically notified by email and text message and system will enable to remind and report the feedback on specific task.

  • Easily make schedule changes and find the best replacements in a matter of minutes
  • Organize the tasks in a systematic way and helps in leverage the efficiency of the school.
  • Define things to do of teacher as tasks and track them.
  • Task could be anything i.e. Activity planning and content preparations, class work & homework verifications, counter verifications, syllabus completion, exams and evaluations etc.
  • HOD monitoring things and subject wise verifications
  • Monitoring and tracing the number of activity conducted by the teachers for students
  • Task can be defined as one time or multiple times or reoccurrence in a fixed interval of time.