Exams and Evaluation Management System

Exams and Evaluation Management System module provides a comprehensive management of examination process in an institution which supports a broad spectrum of examination protocols. Exam scheduler, detailed score analyzer, graphical/numerical presenter, e-alerter. You can create your own exam wise progress report card template and its ease-of-use and efficient systemization of the examination processes is an invaluable tool.

  • Exam scheduling & evaluation
  • Internal and External examinations
  • Supports added evaluations -- viva-voce, labs etc.
  • Scoring -- class-wise, subject-wise, student-wise
  • Score analysis -- class-wise, subject-wise for teacher/student
  • Exhaustive ranking based on subject
  • Student assessment analyzer
  • Grading/promotion
  • Online posting of exam schedule
  • Performance monitoring of ward online
  • Integrated to Attendance System
  • E-alerts
  • Comparative graphical analysis of assessment
  • OMR Integration