Event Management System

Event Management System is designed for effortlessly handle the planning, scheduling, conducting and evaluation of the co- curricular activities. Students can be sorted into groups or houses so that points scored by students in various events can be added into group aggregate score. This high-tech yet user-friendly environment is simple to use and features on-screen help menus along with a convenient user's guide. Whether you are looking to manage competitions in arts/sports, evaluate individual/group/class-wise performances or conduct a campus election, It can handles it all precisely, systematically and quickly with absolute finesse.

  • View event and its details
  • Creating group and allocating students to it.
  • Enter Participation details
  • Event and item entry
  • Result entry and scoring details.
  • Evaluate individual/group wise performance.
  • Faster Decision making.
  • Simplification of process
  • Improves time management
  • Simplifies event management process
  • Integration of resources
  • Easy screening of participants
  • Setup events calendar day/week/month wise
  • Manage competitions in arts and sports
  • Participant registration
  • Points definition and entry
  • Result calculation and display
  • Individual/group/class-wise performance
  • Inter zone cultural and sports activities
  • Election supervision complete with definition of posts, publishing of results etc.
  • Organize extracurricular activities such as: clubs, houses, dance, music etc.
  • Send event e-alerts to students/parents regarding events and results