Cafeteria Management

Cafeteria Management System Module is designed specifically to identify, account and maintain the sales and payment information of the Staff, Students and Guest in the cafeteria for an educational institution with links to the staff and student database. The sales and billing operations are fully automated and keeps precise track of bills paid and amount due. The master module also enables the user to generate various reports based on the menu, date/item wise sales, dues and payments to the cafeteria etc.

  • Connects to existing Student/Staff Database
  • Defines and maintains food menus- standard and custom with rates
  • Sales details per day/per item
  • Bill payment integrated to prepaid smart card
  • Process payments quickly and efficiently
  • View list of sold items for specific time period
  • Unique design with functional user interface
  • Improve cafeteria business with various reports and statistics
  • Convenient layout with single-screen transactional display
  • Integrates with campus portal
  • Comprehensive report generation on item and date wise sales, dues and payments